I visited Melbourne and loved it.

I visited Melbourne and loved it.

Feels like the days are becoming shorter as I say "yes" to more things that come my way. Might not be a good thing - but if I stay organised, sacrifice sleep and stop getting distracted, the results would be oh so sweet. 

I'm resuming this blog because it'll help me stay accountable for my thoughts and actions. Projecting my intentions to everyone reading this could help me stay on track.

I just visited Melbourne, did a show, ate some great food and just took in the artistic vibes that surrounded me. Sometimes that's exactly what you need when you're...

Exposure - Is It Worth It?

If only exposure was a currency. The artist would be the highest paid profession in the world. Admit it, you can’t live without us, but you aren’t willing to afford us either. Re-read that last sentence; “aren’t Willing to afford us”.

The unfortunate thing is that young artists are all in a rat race; the difference being that we’re running in a disillusioned direction where the finish line can only be crossed if you constantly tell yourself you don’t need the money as much as you need the publicity.

I received an email brief for what I...